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Wake Up! Shampoo

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  • UKA Shampoo 'Wake Up' is specially formulated for those with flat, dull, lifeless hair. This luxurious shampoo imparts body and resilience to soft flat hair, providing lift and bounce from the base of the hair.

    Product Details

    Herbal notes of rosemary and lavender with Valencia orange and Italian lemon, all together they compose a fine harmony. So refreshing, it awakens your body and mind.

    1) The shampoo and treatment will lift roots at the base by applying tension to limp, sleepy hair and giving it bounce and resilience. It will react when combined with heat, such as that from a hairdryer, and create lasting bounce and resilience. With continued use, this will increase the strength of your hair and make it possible to get closer to healthy hair.

    2) The combination of 15 amino acid-based ingredients will repair hair and supplement amino acids lost from the cuticle. Additionally, ingredients such as rosemary and bilberry are included so that hair doesn’t weaken from sun exposure during the day.

    3) The amino acids and high-quality, plant-derived cleansing ingredients gently wash your body and hair with a light foam.

    ※Approx. 97% derived from natural raw materials

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