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Peau de Nuit - Infinie (40ml)


With the brand new Peau de Nuit Infinie, the renowned Philippe Starck examines the infinite masculinity of the Night with the aid of Maître Parfumeur Delphine Lebeau.

DARKNESS, you might think it’s nothing, but...

“In fact, it’s an absolute richness, INFINITE, especially if it’s twilight darkness. Something is happening, there is already a little light, like a promise. And, yes, my real night is that of the DREAMS. I live things that I do not know about, I breathe unknown airs. I travel, I explore places of which I know nothing, I discover other worlds, unheard, UNDEFINED.”

- Philippe Starck

“It is the EMOTION conveyed by the raw materials that guided each of my choices. Peau de Nuit Infinie reveals the depth of a dark, impenetrable and indelible night. Beyond the night shadows, its scent is that of an introspective journey with innumerable possibilities.”

- Delphine Lebeau

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