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Nighty Night Shampoo

  • Imparting shine and moisture, this shampoo leaves your hair moisturised.

    Product Details

    The amino acid cleansing ingredient cocoil alanine Na washes gently, while the argan oil formulation suppresses volume and adds moisture, making hair easier to hold and control. Main component of sandalwood conveys rich and romantically appealing woody notes, and a touch of elegance added by natural damask rose water. It is a scent that recalls a tranquil night that hugs you gently with clemency.

    1) Cocoyl alanine NA, an amino acid, gently washes hair, while argan oil and amino acids allow for hair to be easily moisturised. Additionally, the rich foam restores luster and moisture to damaged hair. This results in less volume and smoother hair. The hair repair ingredient, γ-docosalacton, is included. With continuous use, this will increase the strength of your hair and make it possible to get closer to healthy hair.

    2) The combination of 15 amino acid-based ingredients will repair hair and supplement amino acids lost from the cuticle.

    3) The amino acids and high-quality, plant-derived cleansing ingredients gently wash your body and hair with a light foam.

    ※Approx. 90% derived from natural raw materials

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