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Nail Polish: AQUA Set - Capucine + Base/Top Coat

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  • Eau la la! Introducing the first water-based nail polish – AQUA Nail. Bringing colour to your fingertips with a reduced carbon footprint.

    With the new AQUA nail manicure revolution, colour and top coat are inseparable! This gift set brings together Capucine, a hot orangey-red polish which is water-based and odour-free, with its best buddy, Base & Top (also water-based).

    Odourless water-based nail polish

    No more complaints of “Ugh! That stinks!” when you bust out your nail polish – AQUA nail is completely odourless! This revolutionary formula uses nothing but the purest of solvents: water.

    AQUA nail doesn’t come off when you wash your hands. To remove, use a regular nail polish remover, or, even better, a plant-based one. 

    Dermatologically-tested. Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free. 

    Eco-friendly manicure

    With its formula made from 54% water, the Capucine nail polish takes being eco-friendly seriously – just like the rest of the AQUA nail range!

    Toxic ingredients be gone! The whole range is free from formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, colophony, parabens, camphor, xylene, benzophenone and nanoparticles.

    Packaging made from biodegradable, recyclable paper using a sustainable approach to our forests.

    Made in France.

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