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Making with MoMA - Smush Crayon - Water Lilies

  • What is a Smush Crayon? It’s what designer Todd Oldham once accidentally turned a box of crayons into by leaving them in a hot car all day. That beautiful, colourful mess bears the colours of famous artworks from MoMA’s collection in each of these Smush Crayons. The colours of each Smush Crayon have been distilled down to a few hues, making the artworks more relatable and allowing users to engage with each one differently. Your kids will enjoy creating their own speckled masterpieces with it. Choose from Making with MoMA Smush Crayons, each sold separately, based on the following artworks: Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night, Claude Monet’s Water Lilies and Alma Thomas’ bold abstract painting Untitled. Ages 3+.v

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