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Lavender Natural Nail Polish Remover - Travel Size (8ml)

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  • The travel size version of the Lavender Nail Polish Remover - Easy to carry with you and can be topped up with the 100ml version. You'll never go anywhere without it again!

    100% organically-sourced, delicately-fragranced Lavender Nail Polish Remover transforms the boring old task of removing nail polish into a truly enjoyable treatment.

    Lavender Nail Polish Remover is fragranced with lavender and enriched with sweet almond oil, made up of 100% organically-sourced solvents made from wheat, maize and cane sugar.

    • Free from acetone and ethyl acetate.
    • Free from the strong odour associated with traditional nail polish removers.
    • No more weak and dry nails!

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