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Lavender Natural Nail Polish Remover - Finger Pot (30ml)

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  • Here’s the handy nomad version of the sweet best-seller: Lavender Nail Polish Remover. Packed in a quick & easy 30ml format, this bio-sourced nail polish remover gets rid of nail polish in a few finger twists, easy as A,B,C! Say goodbye to nasty smells and soiled cotton, you can use it everywhere!

    Lavender Nail Polish Remover is fragranced with lavender and enriched with sweet almond oil, made up of 100% organically-sourced solvents made from wheat, maize and cane sugar.

    • Free from acetone and ethyl acetate.
    • Free from the strong odour associated with traditional nail polish removers.
    • No more weak and dry nails!

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