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Eggplant Slim Jim Seeds

  • Slim Jim is a terrific dwarf aubergine variety from Italy – an award-winning all-rounder in the patio vegetable category. Its dark-purple foliage and clusters of long, slim, purple fruits make it a perfect choice for ornamental and decorative gardens. Even though the variety’s origins are not clear, most accounts agree that it is southern-Italian in origin and was first introduced by Italian seed company Fratelli Ingegnoli.

    Aubergines originated in Asia, being recorded first in the 6th century Chinese agricultural treatise Qímín Yàoshù. The plant was introduced to the Mediterranean region by Arabs in the Middle Ages. Aubergines have a somewhat unusual reputation in Italy – historically, it was thought that the whole plant could cause insanity. The name melanzana is derived from mela insana, meaning ‘insane apple’!

    Product Details

    Latin Name: Solanum melongena

    Name: Eggplant

    Variety: Slim Jim

    Quantity: 30 seeds

    Plant Size: Height - 70 cm, Width - 45 cm

    Container Size: Height - 30 cm, Width - 35 cm

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