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Nail Colour Base Coat Zero 2/0

  • 2/0 - Healthy Pink

    The Colour Base Coat series by UKA is a revolution in nail care: a nail serum, base coat and nail polish all in one.

    Infused with their unique “better nail serum”, this will give you a luxurious manicure safe in the knowledge that the serum is keeping your nails healthy.

    Apply one coat to use as a base coat for any of your favourite polishes, or layer up to create the beautiful shade you see on the bottle.

Recommended for people who; 

  • Want a luxury manicure without damaging their nails
  • Want to choose a colour which shows the beauty of the whole hands
  • Want to treat/prevent weak nails (separation, vertical ridges, dryness, cloudiness)
  • Want to apply colour but are concerned about nail health
  • Find polish application difficult

"Better Nail" Features

  • Formulated with uka better nail serum to maintain healthy nails
  • Contains an ingredient with oxygen permeability, which gives a light, comfortable feeling without tightening or burdening the nails, making it stress free
  • Dibutyl phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, toluene-free

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