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Black Eye

HD Combo 2in1 Smartphone Camera Lens

Combining two of the top selling lenses, the HD Wide Angle and HD Macro into one package makes the Combo a “must have” product for all mobile photographers.

The Combo pack gives you multiple image options – all in a small perfect package at an amazing price.


  • Two lens options in one package: 160° angle of view with the HD Wide Angle and 15x close-up with the HD Macro
  • Double coated hand polished glass produces natural colours and prevents unwanted reflections
  • Ideal for FaceTime, Skype and video calls
  • The Universal Clip attachment system works with smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Can be used with front and rear camera
  • Works with dual lens devices


 Where to use it?

“HD Wide Angle”

  • Snapchat - Make your everyday content to pop up. Just clip the lens on and make your photos and videos effortlessly different from the others.
  • Travel - Leave your action and SLR cameras home and travel light.
  • Selfies - Get a wider view to selfies by just clipping the lens over your front camera.
  • Video - Mobile video crops the view to stable the footage. Get the lost corners back by using Black Eye Wide Angle lenses

HD Macro”

  • Insects - Capture the smallest details of any beings with 15 times closer.
  • Flowers - See the beauty of leafs and blooms in a new incredible way.
  • Watches & Jewellery - Capture the tiniest details of your precious belongings and see them in an entirely new way.
  • Anything - All the things that you can imagine. Macro photography doesn't limit to any specific subjects.

What's in the package?

  • 160° HD Wide Angle lens
  • HD Macro lens
  • Universal Clipper
  • 2 x lens cap
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Microfibre bag
  • Black Eye sticker
  • Manual

 Technical details

“HD Wide Angle”

  • Inner housing is processed with anti-flare coating
  • Magnification ratio 0.4X
  • Resolution (Axis) 200 LP/MM
  • Resolution (Corner) 150 LP/MM
  • Hand assembled

HD Macro”

  • Double Sided 2 Layer AR Per Glass Element coating produces natural colours and prevents unwanted reflections
  • Magnification ratio 0.15X
  • Resolution (Axis) 250 LP/MM
  • Resolution (Corner) 200 LP/MM”
  • Hand assembled

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