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The number of unprotected road users in cities are increasing and as a consequence, so does the number of accidents. The risk of being part of an accident is three times as high during dark hours as in daytime and many of these accidents could be avoided with the use of visibility products such as lights and reflectors. However, many people tend to prioritise style over safety.


You may be already familiar with Bookman‘s equally handy and cleverly designed bike lights. Blending style and functionality, the minimalist block-shaped lights come in an array of colors, are lightweight, and due to their compact size easy to store.
– HIGHSNOBIETY  read more

The small light-emitting diodes by Bookman are almost cult. Small, easy to fit and do not disturb the look of the bike.
– GQ  read more

The brand balances simplicity with playful, lighthearted design. Their latest offering, the Curve Front Light sees a touch of design ingenuity improve visibility without jumping up the lumen output to blinding heights. 
– COOL HUNTING  read more

We know how important it is to keep your bike free of accessories, with a minimalist look. The Bookman Bike Light is an ultra-luminous LED light that you can easily attach and remove from your bicycle when riding in the dark. 
– SPORTSVIBE  read more

We just tested Curve Front Light and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised! Mainly because I always thought Bookman was just a design agency that only cared about good looks. But with Curve they prove that form really follows function.
– IT STARTED WITH A FIGHT...  read more


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