Ensemble is neither a product nor a brand, but a project with the aim of beautifying the world.

Born in 2018 from a team of Parisienne creatives, Ensemble seeks to reinvigorate the true jovial spirit of Paris through their creations. 

Literally meaning "Together", Ensemble is bringing people together by reinventing every day home pieces, starting with the Candle.

Created from their workshops in Grasse, France, the scents and designs of the Candles are truly beautiful and are set to become a must-have in everyone's home; this is an example of minimalism at its finest. Even once the candle has finished burning you are left with an iconic glass jar which is an ornament in itself. 

Each quarter, Ensemble selects a Charity close to their hearts and donates 10% of the total sales. Each charity is fundamental in providing love and support to those in need within the community in Paris, and you can see exactly where the donations are going to here.

Through giving back to the community, it's their way of bringing people together; you add a little piece of Paris to your home, knowing that the proceeds are going to help the people in the city who need it. 

Picture taken from Le Rire Médecin, the latest association Ensemble has partnered with which gives hospitalised children the power to laugh to aid their battle against disease. Photo credit: Jacques Grison & Yohann Hervet

The opening lineup of candles from Ensemble certainly live up to the anticipation, each filling the room with their signature scent soon after lighting, and surpassing the full 45 hour burn time.

Each is named after a person who inspired the team during the initial creation of the concept:

Abigail entices you with a smoky aroma which sets the mood for a captivating evening in Paris, Chiara evokes the crisp feeling of strolling through an orchard in the hills of Italy, whilst Jérôme ushers the deep wooden scent of a fire lit cabin in the midst of winter. 

The only question remaining... which will you try first?